DYKE A Quarterly, No. 1: Correspondents
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DYKE A Quarterly No.1 Lesbo Laffs

DYKE A Quarterly #1 p.75 Lesbo Laffsjpg
DYKE A Quarterly, No. 1, P. 75 Lesbo Laffs


This page got us in more trouble than anything else in the issue, almost. Our readers just didn't get it. Perhaps if we'd said, "the joke's on us?" or something to explain ourselves. But seriously we thought our readers would get the irony, the joke, the weirdness, and the plain hilarity of a radical Lesbian periodical quoting Rona Barrett Hollywood. Well, the joke was on us, because this got us into hot water, and we forgot to bring the bubble bath.

Rona barrett gossip A letter we printed in DYKE A Quarterly No. 2 says, "It seems unfortunate that with all the good Lesbian literature surrounding us, you chose to fashion your magazine after the patriarchal press that you read (does that make you really true dyke separatists?) - 'Lesbo Laffs' represents the kind of trash I try to stay away from at the local news stand."

We adored Rona Barrett Gossip and Rona Barrett Hollywood. We had subscriptions to both.





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