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DYKE A Quarterly, No. 1: Correspondents

DYKE A QUARTERLY  issue #1pg 76 correspondents DYKE A Quarterly, Issue #1, Correspondents

DYKE A QUARTERLY  issue #1pg 76 correspondents DYKE A Quarterly Issue #1 Correspondents


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 We would like to have correspondents from communes and communities all over the country. We would like to hear what books Dykes are reading, what movies they are going to, how they are raising children, how they are celebrating holidays, what arts they are involved with, what their living arrangements are.  We are interested in all the varied things that happen in the everyday life of a Dyke community. If you would like to be a correspondent, please write us for details.


“Rolling on The River” happened on Aug. 9th, 1975 and the only thing wrong with it was that we ain’t still aboard….snip….our good ship The Commodore is an old fashioned riverboat….snip…..the band Spectrum from Lucine, Louisiana played well….snip ….we wanna thank everyone who helped us particularly the Carnaval Krews and the MCC of N.O.L.A Church who gave us lots of publicity.

Jenny for D.O.B.


 The most exciting thing that is happening is Iowa City is the opening of Grace & Rubies, a woman’s restaurant…snip…

One of the other projects getting under way is a dyke garage. A huge garage has been rented and one of the women in the community will be teaching a mechanics course a couple of nights a week….

The women’s work crew supports  the Dykes in town who can’t or  don’t want to find a job doing shit work for some establishment. These women contract themselves out for anything form house cleaning to detasseling corn. …snip

In September there was a benefit dance for women in the state prison—about 125 women attended….snip…the money that was raised by the benefit will be used to pay for travel expenses  to the prison in October and also to finance a trip in December to bring some holiday cheer to the women in prison…snop

The local Dyke football team maneuvered a brilliant victory last week 24 -0

Jeanne O’Connor


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