DYKE,A Quarterly No, 2: From Us
DYKE, A Quarterly: ISSUE No 1: Cover by Marlene Miller

DYKE, A Quarterly No.2: Table Of Contents

DYKE A Quarterly, #2 Table Of ContentsDYKE A Quarterly, No.2 Table Of Contents 1976

Editors and Workers: Liza Cowan, Penny House

Typeset by: O.B.U. New York City

Printed by: Tower press


DYKE pays for all articles and graphics that it publishes.

Deadline for Summer Issue: April 30, Deadline for Fall issue: July 15

DYKE, Spring 1976, Volume One, Number Two: DYKE is published quarterly by Tomato Publications, LTD. 70 Barrow St. New York, NY 10014. Subscription price; $8.00 per year. Overseas: $12.00. Single copy $3.50. Institutions, $20. Free on request to women in prisons and mental institutions. Copyright Tomato Publications, Ltd. 1976, New York, All rights reserved.

The cover is a photograph taken last summer by Janie Weiss. The wome are Do, LInda, and Pat O'Brian (See Bread and Roses interview)


In Volume One, number one, in the article on the New York Women's Coffeehouse the first sencence on page 13 should read, "the politics of how and when we spend our money have not been discussed enough."



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