DYKE A Quarterly NO 2: THE C.L.I.T. PAPERS No. 2
DYKE A Quarterly, No 1, 1975, Introduction


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Re your article about women in men's clothing, this is from the Theoni Aldredge obit in the New York Times, January 23, 2011: "For “The Great Gatsby” she generated hundreds of costumes in less than two weeks, a Herculean effort that might account for her irritation when the fashion press turned the spotlight on Ralph Lauren, who took credit for designing the clothes worn by Robert Redford and the film’s other male leads. Ms. Aldredge insisted that he had merely executed designs to her specifications.

Michael Gross, in his Lauren biography “Genuine Authentic,” wrote that Ms. Aldredge asked Paramount to take Mr. Lauren’s name off the film’s credits if he continued to bask in the limelight. His name stayed, in a secondary position, but Ms. Aldredge pointedly omitted his name when accepting her Oscar for the film."

Thanks for your comment. I think you are writing about a different article in DYKE, the one called Dyke Salad.


But thanks for the bit of back story. Seems that Ralph got more than the lion's share of the credit.

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