SIDE TRIP: Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archive Exhibition
DYKE at The Museum Of Modern Art and The Schleisinger Library.

SIDE TRIP: A SIMPLE REVOLUTION- community dialog with Judy Grahan


Aunt lute a simple revolution judy grahan dropScreen shot from Aunt Lute, A Multicultural Women's Press website.

Seems like maybe the time is right for writing our memoirs and gathering our archives. Aunt Lute, a multi- cultual women's Press, is hosting a memoir based interactive historical blog with famed author, theorist, poet Judy Grahan. This community based historical collection about the Lesbian Communities of The Bay Area in the sixties and seventies coincides with the publication of Grahnan's memoir, Riding The Dragon's Breath.

Visit their site for all the exciting information. This is a wonderful use of contemporary digital technologies, and I hope that it will get lots of great material and lots of great publicity. 

We are New Yorkers, so we will just cheer from the sidelines. 

A SIMPLE REVOLUTION -Community Dialog with Judy Grahan. Click HERE



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