SIDE TRIP: A SIMPLE REVOLUTION- community dialog with Judy Grahan
SIDE TRIP: The way we were of the ways.

DYKE at The Museum Of Modern Art and The Schleisinger Library.

Pile of advertising political fliers for DYKE A  Quarterly ©
Good news on the archiving front. DYKE A Quarterly is now housed in two prestigeous institutions. Really...we couldn't ask for more.

An entire set of the magazines, including the poster, are now at The Museum Of Modern Art, in their Library. They are available to scholars and researchers and the general public by appointment. Here's the LINK to the library. 

An entire set of the magazines as well as all the collateral materials - that's the letters, layout boards, mock ups, fliers, and whatever fascinating bits of paper we saved over the years- is now housed at Radcliffe College at The Schlesinger Library. Here's a LINK.


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Congrats!! I'm so going to moma & read up!!

Thanks. Send a report when you do. Have fun!

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