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REVIEW OF DYKE, A Quarterly: from Our Right To Love 1978, DYKE is "greatest sinner of all."


And women said we were harsh?? 

From Our Right To Love, Ginny Vida, ed
 From Our Right To Love, Ginny Vida, ed. 1978

"Among struggling journalists, wasting copy space is probably one of the most serious offenses there is, and Dyke magazine (Preston Hollow, NY) thus may be the greatest sinner of all. This visually enticing quarterly magazine abuses valuable news space by filling it with trite meanderings on such superficial subjects as dyke fashions and interior decorating. Lacking political analysis (even of dyke separatism) or the talents to express the written word, Dyke, fortunately still a baby in the lesbian publishing world, unfortunately displays the temperment of a spoiled brat."

review by Jackie St. Joan, Esq.


The article about "interior decoration" must have been Nesting in No. 3. The article about fashions was What The Well Dressed Dyke Will Wear in No 1.

I feel vindicated somehow that in the 21st there are entire academic worlds of cultural studies including fashion and geography(which include theories of home,or,as the review calls it,"interior decoration.")


Fashion Studies Today History, Theory and Practice - Master of Arts in Visual Culture_ Costume Studies - NYU SteinhardtNew York University, May 2012: Fashion Studies Today: History, Theory and Practice an international and interdisciplinary conference. 

We were ahead of our time. And rather thick skinned, since reviews like the one in Our Right To Love made us laugh more than cry. 


Our right to love, ginny vida ed. 1978
Our Right To Love, Editor, Ginny Vida, Media Director, National Gay Task force. 1978

PS: Check out Jackie's gracious response in the comments section below. And here's her website. 



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Consider my butt properly kicked and my face red (or the other way around)! And bravo for your courage and originality!

Best wishes 35 years later,

Thanks Jackie. You are a sport! And goodness knows what I said 35 years ago that has yet to come back and haunt me.

In fact, Penny and I loved a harsh critique, being so used to dishing them out ourselves. We did and do appreciate a woman who says what's on her mind.

So thanks for the memories, and Mazel Tov on your successful writing career.

Thanks, Jackie. I can only say ditto to what Liza said. Hope you are still dishing it out--we certainly are, just on different topics.

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