DYKE A Quarterly No, 6, 1978, Back Cover
DYKE A Quarterly No. 2, 1976. Rated XX: Recorded Women's Music. Review by Liza Cowan

DYKE, A Quarterly No. 2: Who Gets Left Out When The Music Starts? by Linda Shear


DYKE A Quarterly No. 2,  pp. 34, 35Who gets left out when the musc starts by Linda ShearDYKE A Quarterly, No. 2. Linda Shear, Who Gets Left Out When The Music Starts.


I am not interested in being a WOMAN musician, doing what the “Movement Women Musicians (even, and sometimes especially Lesbians) define as Women’s Music. I have heard myself discussed within the words of “us” and “we”. But you and I have very different views about who “we” are, and who the enemy is.

 We confront a struggle to survive with very different assumptions. As we compute, analyze, judge, and utilize our experiences as Lesbians, musician, and women, in very different ways.

 You want to deal within a broad category because “our lives are so complex”. I say that our lives are some complex because we Lesbians have dealt too long with a broad category. We have Helped build broad categories, and then discover that our Lesbian identities become lost in these universal, patriarchal-motivated, subversive broad categories. And I am bitter about being banned from the “movement concert-circuit” because I will not sing my songs for men.





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