DYKE A Quarterly, No. 4, front and back covers
DYKE A Quarterly No, 6, 1978, Back Cover

DYKE A Quarterly, no. 5. Fall, 1977. Back Cover


DAQ back cover no 5 1977 photo ©Irene Young

DYKE A Quarterly No. 5, Back Cover, Photo by Irene Young. 1977 @Tomato Publications. T-shirt design by Jymme Golden.


Women's T-Shirts in DYKE A Quarterly. Send us a photo* of yourself to be used in a photo essay on T-Shirts in DYKE #7, Lesbian Media.

This issue will feature essays, interviews, resource lists and graphics on different forms of Lesbians communications: magazines, newspapers, letters, posters, buttons, fliers, video, films. We are looking for articles and news for this issue

DYKE pays for everything it prints. Remember we will always print non-theme related articles, so don't hesitate to send other work,

A subscription to DYKE, A  Quarterly costs $8.00 for four issues. A single copy costs $2.25 in women's and gay stores. $275 by mail. Please address all correspondence, submissions and make checks payable to: Tomato Publications, 70 Barrow Street, New York, NY 10014.

*Sent us a photo of yourself or a friend, or a group of friends wearing your favorite woman-made T shirts. If you know, please tell us who designed the shirt, when it was made, what the event, place, group or idea that it describes, and any other information you consider relevant. The photo should be clear, black and white. We won't be able to return  photos. No slides please. Thank you.

Photo by Irene Young


Typewriter marks end of original story

We proposed an issue on Lesbian media. It was going to be issue No. 7. The magazine folded before we could publish it, which is a great shame. Irene Young took these amazing photographs so at least we have this stunning graphic.


Xx DYKE A QUARTERLY flier womens buttons photo irene young 

Inside front cover, DYKE A Quarterly No 5. 1977. Photo by Irene Young. @Tomato Publications


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How amazing to click on a link to this site that a Minneapolis friend posted on facebook and find a beautiful photo of the first logo (on a T-shirt) I did for 'A Woman's Coffeehouse' in Minneapolis! So many decades ago and in a NY publication. What a blast (not to mention blast from the past). The first design I submitted to the coffeehouse collective had short hair and they had me give her more hair so she wouldn't look too butch! Thanks for posting this archive. I look forward to perusing it more and remembering those times. What an interesting era it was to come of age!

Amazing! I'm so happy that you found the site and that you wrote. I've always loved that t-shirt. The graphic is lovely. Funny about the hair. I like it though. Is this the first time you've seen the picture? You didn't see it at the time. So sorry. We tried to contact everyone but it wasn't always easy.

Now I can at least give you credit!! And do let us know what you are doing now.

cheers. Liza

PS: It was my shirt. Alix Dobkin and I used to collect shirts wherever we went on tour, and I had lots of them. This was one of my favorites.

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