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SIDE TRIP: Berkshire History Conference: Reclaiming the Future, by Liza Cowan in Windy City Times 1990

The Future Is Female in The Washington Post

The Future Is Female quote by Liza Cowan
The Future Is Female

This quote ran yesterday in The Washington Post, and they also ran three of Liza Cowan's photos, all about the now-famous slogan, t-shirt and button, The Future Is Female. 

 We were pleased that they reposted this quote, which Liza originally wrote for an interview with Charlotte Cush at i_D magazine in 1975.

The Washington Post article is HERE

The i_D interview is HERE

The original t-shirt was made by Labyris Books, the first women's bookstore in New York City. Liza Cowan made the buttons as a fundraiser for Labyris. See more HERE


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