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SIDE TRIP: MAGGIE JOCHILD "Chasing the Second Wave in San Fran" from Aunt Lute

Aunt lute, A Multicultural Women's press, is publishing stories and memoirs of second wave feminists. Fascinating. Do check them out. Here's a snip from activist poet Maggie it then click through to the full piece at aunt lute

Maggie Jochild – “Chasing the Second Wave in San Fran”

As 1978 began, I was living in a lesbian-separatist land collective outside Durango, Colorado. I was 22 and voraciously reading the output of wimmin’s presses. When the two collective members I was closest to announced they wanted to leave, head for a city, I threw in my lot with them: I wanted to be where the action was. And where uncoupled dykes could be found.

We settled on the Bay Area for two main reasons: We had read there was a group that was arranging for the fostering of lesbian teenaged runaways by older dykes, and we wanted to offer our reconfigured household for that effort. We also read somewhere (Lesbian Connection, maybe) that a group of wimmin, presumably dykes, were kidnapping and castrating repeat rapists, then dumping them on the steps of S.F. General. We hoped to plug into that activity. We each had deeply personal reasons for doing so.

Maggie Jochild_ _Chasing the Second Wave in San Francisco_ - Aunt Lute
Screen shot of aunt lute, Chasing The Second Wave In San Fran by Maggie Jochild.